Postal Naming

Process for naming a new development

When an application for a multiple dwelling site is received the developer is invited to submit proposals for naming the development.

Providing the suggested names are in keeping with Council policy the proposals are taken to the subsequent Environmental Services Committee meeting (held on second Tuesday of each month) for approval.

The decision of this Committee is then ratified at the next full Council meeting (held on first Tuesday of each month).

The developer is then notified of the Council's decision and the Building Control department notifies other interested bodies, ie Post Office, Fire Brigade, Electoral Office, etc.

The Council's policy on naming of new developments

  • To incorporate the townland name if possible, or
  • use a name which has some local historical connection, but not that of a person.

New developments named in Omagh District Council since 2000

  • Castletown Heights, Castletown, Omagh
  • Fairways, Lissan, Omagh
  • Gortwell, Lisanelly, Omagh
  • Crocklane, Tattyreagh, Omagh
  • Minnadinna Lane, Carrickmore, Sixmilecross
  • Drumnaforbe Close, Drumnaforbe, Drumquin
  • Burrel's Glen, Drumnaforbe, Drumquin
  • Radharc Brid/St Brigid's View, Altamuskin, Sixmilecross
  • Striff Lane, Streefe Glebe, Omagh
  • Old Creamery Road, Drmore
  • Sheskinshule View, Sheskinshule, Omagh
  • Mullaghmore Cottages, Mullaghmore, Omagh
  • Riverdale, Beragh, Sixmilecross
  • Ballymalus Grove, Omagh
  • Cranny Close, Cranny, Omagh
  • Creaghmore Walk, Drumnaforbe, Drumquin
  • Slievard Rise/Grove/Mews, Killyclogher, Omagh
  • Dromore Road Retail Park, Omagh
  • Tattykeel Cottages, Tattykeel, Omagh
  • Farmhill Meadows, Mullaghmore, Omagh
  • Woodstone Road, Roscavey, Beragh, Sixmilecross
  • Burndale Court, Mullaghmore, Omagh
  • Bankmore Business Park, Doogary, Omagh
  • Fair Green Road, Edenasop West, Fintona
  • Mill Cottages, Drumquin
  • Ashbourne Park, Lammy, Omagh
  • Barrackhill Meadows, Loughmacrory, Sixmilecross
  • Birch Grove, Beragh
  • Beltany Grove, Conywarren, Omagh
  • Beltany Mews, Conywarren, Omagh
  • Burndale Court, Mullaghmore,Omagh
  • Castletown Meadows, Castletown, Fintona
  • Castletown Square, Fintona
  • Coolnagard Avenue, Coolnagard, Omagh
  • Coolnagard Green, Mews, Brae, Court, Square, Way, Hollow, Rise, Glen, Coolnagard, Omagh
  • Crannyfield, Cranny, Omagh
  • CrannyGardens, Cranny, Omagh
  • Creevanmore Meadows, Creevanmore, Omagh
  • CregganHeights, Creggan, Sixmilecross
  • DrumnaforbeHeights, Drumnaforbe, Drumquin
  • Dunnamona Grove, Garvagh, Omagh
  • Gleann An Locha, Loughmacrory, Sixmilecross
  • Gortdale, Gortin
  • Killybrack Glen, Killybrack, Omagh
  • Knocknamoe Mews, Mullaghmore, Omagh
  • Knock Lochan, Mullaghmore, Omagh
  • Lisnagort Court, Lisanelly, Omagh
  • Meadowcroft, Gardrum, Dromore
  • Millbrook, Garvaghy, Ballygawley
  • Mullaghmenagh Avenue, Mullaghmenagh, Omagh
  • Mullaghmenagh Court, Mullaghmenagh, Omagh
  • Mullaghmenagh Meadows, Mullaghmenagh, Omagh
  • Speckled Wood Grove, Killybrack, Omagh
  • Tattykeel Cottages, Tattykeel, Omagh
  • The Laurels, Hospital Road, Omagh