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Alice Milligan
Omagh District Council

Alice Milligan (1865-1953) was an Irish nationalist, active in the Gaelic League, and a poet

She was a Protestant, born in Omagh on 14th September 1866. Her father was the writer Seaton Milligan. Her friends included O’Donovan Rossa, Douglas Hyde and Roger Casement. She was one of a small group of Protestant Nationalists, which included Parnell, Yeats and Ethna Carbery, and one of the most politically aware Irish women of the early 20th century. With Ethna Carbery she founded two nationalist publications in the 1890s, The Northern Patriot, and later The Shan Van Vocht, a monthly literary magazine published in Belfast from 1896 to 1899. Alice has a poem in her honor by a friend; Felix Kearny entitled "A poem for Alice Milligan". She lived for a period of time in the Old Rectory, Main Street, Mountfield and the local community has erected a memorial stone (pictured) to celebrate the fact. Alice died in 1953 and is buried at Drumragh Old Graveyard, not far from Omagh.
• Hero Lays (1908)
• We Sang for Ireland: Poems of Ethna Carbery, Seumas MacManus, Alice Milligan (1950) (1950)
• Poems (1954)
• Harper of the Only God: Selected poems by Alice Milligan (1993) edited by Sheila Turner Johnston
• Alice: A Life of Alice Milligan (1994) Sheila Turner Johnston


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