Local Councillors

Omagh District Council was established in 1973 following the publication of the McCrory Report on the administration of local government in Northern Ireland. The plethora of Urban, Rural and County councils which had hitherto administered local government in Northern Ireland were replaced by 26 City, Borough and District Councils of which Omagh is one.

The first council in 1973 comprised 20 Councillors. This was subsequentially increased to 21 following a review of local government boundaries in 1981. Omagh District Council consists of three electoral areas, Omagh Town, Mid Tyrone and West Tyrone each one returning 7 Councillors to serve for a four year period. The election of the Chairman and Vice Chairman takes place annually in June.

Local government administration in Northern Ireland is currently under review and a new system of delivery is scheduled to be in place by 2015 with the 26 Councils being reduced to 11.